1. Added some test SED-ML/CellML files. (commit: da66744) (details)
  2. Reverted commit 2f38478 (#1574). (commit: 0bcbfe4) (details)
  3. Removed our (temporary) test files. (commit: 2a67e9e) (details)
Commit da667444754a2f8f850d3f37d425376ef4eb3a04 by Alan Garny
Added some test SED-ML/CellML files.
Open models/tests/bg_files/ca_dynamics_bg_1.sedml.
(commit: da66744)
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_leak.sedml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_dynamics_bg_1.sedml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_rel.sedml
The file was addedmodels/tests/Units_kinetic.cellml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_leak.cellml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_tr.sedml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_dynamics_bg_1.cellml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_up.sedml
The file was addedmodels/tests/Units_BG.cellml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_rel.cellml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_tr.cellml
The file was addedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_up.cellml
Commit 0bcbfe480c19c7ef304d0d6c0616ed5df4a10195 by Alan Garny
Reverted commit 2f38478 (#1574).
Indeed, our “solution” could have some side effect and it’s not
guaranteed that it was the “solution” to the random crashes observed in
issue #1574. Regarding the side effect, imagine the case were the
Simulation Experiment view for file A refers to file B. Then, if we were
to modify and reload B while in some editing view, the Simulation
Experiment view of B wouldn’t get reloaded, which means that to switch
to A would result in its Simulation Experiment view being out of sync
with B.
(commit: 0bcbfe4)
The file was modifiedsrc/plugins/simulation/SimulationExperimentView/src/simulationexperimentviewwidget.cpp (diff)
The file was modifiedsrc/plugins/simulation/SimulationExperimentView/src/simulationexperimentviewwidget.h (diff)
Commit 2a67e9ef5042341c1e77399fb8bb78f124317323 by Alan Garny
Removed our (temporary) test files.
(commit: 2a67e9e)
The file was removedmodels/tests/Units_kinetic.cellml
The file was removedmodels/tests/Units_BG.cellml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_up.sedml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_rel.sedml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_leak.sedml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_leak.cellml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_dynamics_bg_1.sedml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_dynamics_bg_1.cellml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_tr.sedml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_rel.cellml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_tr.cellml
The file was removedmodels/tests/bg_files/ca_i_up.cellml